Training and Development

After a long and explorative competency mapping the training needs of the employees are analyzed.

The training programmes are fixed up for every individual on the basis of priority.

A training calendar is drawn up for the Year, which is open to additions / editions on the basis of business and individual needs.

The training is primarily of ‘on The Job’ nature, so the employees practice what they learn,immediately.

Seminars / talks are also arranged/ approved for the employees

Employee Performance Management

Key Result Areas of the employees are fixed up by a mutual discussion between the immediate senior and the employee himself/herself.

The performance is appraised on a quarterly basis to assess the employee’s progress, and to provide him support.

At the end of the Year the performance of the employee is analyzed.

Appreciation of and rewarding good performance and motivating the rest to achieve higher levels is the purpose of a good Performance Management System, which ISL practices.

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