Alprazolam(0.25 Mg)


Alprazolam is utilized to treat over the top trepidation or apprehension (nervousness), tension related gloom and frenzy issue (sudden scenes of extreme trepidation or distress).

How it work

Alprazolam has a place with the class of medications called benzodiazepines. It acts in the cerebrum and modifies synthetic action in the mind to diminish anomalous energy, decrease nervousness and stress, and advances rest.

Propranolol(20 Mg)


It is utilized to treat hypertension, unusual heart cadence, coronary illness, tension and uncontrolled shaking (tremors), mid-section agony and headache migraines. It is likewise used to avoid seeping in the stomach and sustenance channel in patients with swollen veins because of liver malady.

How it Work

Propranolol has a place with a class of meds called beta blockers. Propranolol works by hindering the activity of certain regular chemicals in the body, (for example, epinephrine) that influence the heart and veins. This impact decreases heart rate, pulse, and strain on the heart.

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