Mesalix 800/1200 MG Tablets

Mesacol works by diminishing the creation of certain regular substance that causes irritation in the colon. The dynamic fixing mesalamine is viewed as a calming aminosalicylates sort of solution. It is utilized to treat and avoid different side effects of mellow to direct ulcerative colitis, for example, rectal dying, loose bowels or stomach torment. A few people may likewise utilize the pharmaceutical to treat a condition that causes irritation of any part of the gastro-intestinal framework called Crohns illness.

How is MESACOL 800 utilized?

Mesacol ought to just be taken orally as coordinated by a specialist, as a rule 3 to 4 times every day. The tablets ought to be brought with some sustenance and a full glass of water or a glass of milk to keep a furious stomach. Contact a specialist for the right measurement and length of treatment as it will rely on upon the patient�s condition and their reaction to the treatment. Continuously gulp down the tablets and not bite, smash or break them to counteract a lot of the pharmaceutical from being discharged on the double.

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