Levostat 500/750 MG Tablets

Levofloxacin(500 Mg)


Levofloxacin is utilized to treat bacterial contaminations of the respiratory tract, urinary tract, ear, tooth and prostate organ. It is additionally used to treat skin and delicate tissue contaminations, Bacillus anthracis and plague.

How it Works

Levofloxacin has a place with a gathering of anti-infection agents called fluoroquinolones that slaughters an extensive variety of contamination bringing on microscopic organisms, both gram positive and gram negative. It acts by repressing bacterial DNA development that is vital for bacterial development and survival, in this manner slaughtering the microscopic organisms.

Levostat Tablet is normally recommended for the treatment of bacterial contaminations, skin diseases, delicate tissue diseases alongside a few different issues. Levostat Tablet contains the salts Levofloxacin as dynamic fixings. It is accessible in tablet structure. Natural Labs fabricates Levostat Tablet. Point by point data identified with Levostat Tablet’s uses, organization, measurement, reactions and surveys is as per the following.

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