Levosulpiride(50 Mg)


Levosulpiride is utilized as a part of the treatment of psychosis, gloom, successive determined heart smolder, gastro-oesophageal reflux malady, crabby gut disorder, acid reflux (dyspepsia).

How it work

Levosulpride has a place with a class of medicines called atypical antipsychotic specialist. It acts by restraining the receptor (D2 and D3) found in the mind and in this manner diminishing the level of substance compound (dopamine) present in the cerebrum.

Basic reactions

Postural hypotension, Neuroleptic threatening disorder, Breast augmentation, Menstrual abnormalities, Increased level of liver transaminase compounds, Increased weight

Levoseal Tablet – Uses, Composition, Side Effects and Reviews

Levoseal Tablet is normally endorsed for the treatment of mental issue, acid reflux, successive persevering indigestion alongside a few different issues. Levoseal Tablet contains the salts Levosulpiride as dynamic fixings. It is accessible in tablet structure. Natural Labs makes Levoseal Tablet. Itemized data identified with Levoseal Tablet’s uses, creation, measurements, symptoms and surveys is as per the following.

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