Esokool 20/40 MG Tablets


  1. Esomeprazole is utilized to treat certain stomach and throat issues, (for example, indigestion, ulcers). It works by diminishing the measure of corrosive your stomach makes. It calms manifestations, for example, acid reflux, trouble gulping, and diligent hack. This drug mends corrosive harm to the stomach and throat, counteracts ulcers, and may forestall malignancy of the throat. Esomeprazole has a place with a class of medications known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs).
  2. In the event that you are self-treating with this prescription, over-the-counter esomeprazole items are utilized to treat continuous acid reflux (happening 2 or more days a week). Since it might take 1 to 4 days to have full impact, these items don’t calm acid reflux immediately.
  3. For over-the-counter items, precisely read the bundle directions to ensure the item is ideal for you. Check the fixings on the name regardless of the possibility that you have utilized the item some time recently. The maker may have changed the fixings. Likewise, items with comparable brand names may contain distinctive fixings implied for various purposes. Taking the wrong item could hurt you.

Step by step instructions to utilize esomeprazole magnesium

  • Perused the Medication Guide and the Patient Information Leaflet if accessible from your drug specialist before you begin taking esomeprazole and every time you get a refill. On the off chance that you have any inquiries, ask your specialist or drug specialist.
  • Take this pharmaceutical by mouth as coordinated by your specialist, typically once every day, no less than 1 hour before a feast. On the off chance that you are self-treating, tail all headings on the item bundle. The dose and length of treatment depend on your restorative condition and reaction to treatment. Try not to build your measurement or take this medication more frequently than coordinated. On the off chance that you have any inquiries, ask your specialist or drug specialist.
  • Try not to smash or bite this drug. Gulp down the cases. On the off chance that you experience issues gulping down this medicine, you may open the case and sprinkle the substance into a tablespoon of unheated fruit purée. Swallow the fruit purée blend immediately without biting it. Try not to set up the blend early for later utilize. Doing as such may devastate the medication.
  • If necessary, stomach settling agents might be brought alongside this medicine. On the off chance that you are additionally taking sucralfate, take esomeprazole no less than 30 minutes before sucralfate.
  • Utilize this pharmaceutical consistently to get the most profit by it. To help you recall, take it in the meantime every day. Keep on taking this drug for the endorsed length of treatment regardless of the fact that you are feeling better. On the off chance that you are self-treating with the over-the-counter item, don’t take it for over 14 days unless coordinated by your specialist.
  • Tell your specialist if your condition endures or exacerbates. On the off chance that you are self-treating, tell your specialist if your acid reflux holds on following 14 days or on the off chance that you have to utilize this drug more than once like clockwork. In the event that you think you may have a genuine therapeutic issue, get medicinal immediately.
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