Ofloxacin is utilized to treat bacterial diseases including upper and lower urinary tract contaminations, lower respiratory tract contaminations, skin and delicate tissue diseases and sexually transmitted diseases (of urethra and cervix).Benzon Oz Tablet is regularly endorsed for the treatment of tuberculosis, typhoid fever, bacterial contaminations by irritation of the peritoneum alongside a few different issues. Benzon Oz Tablet contains the salts Ofloxacin, Ornidazole as dynamic fixings. It is accessible in tablet structure. Natural Labs produces Benzon Oz Tablet. Point by point data identified with Benzon Oz Tablet’s uses, piece, dose, symptoms and audits is as per the following.

How it functions

Ofloxacin has a place with the gathering of medications called 4-fluoroquinolone anti-microbials. It acts by executing the microscopic organisms that cause disease.

Normal reactions

A need or loss of craving, Abdominal and stomach torment, Burning/tingling/disturbance/torment in vagina or urethra, Dizziness, Accumulation of gas, Nausea and spewing, Changes in the taste, Headache, Dry mouth, Constipation, Diarrhea, Excessive tiredness

  • Ornidazole(500 Mg)
  • Employments

Ornidazole is utilized as a part of the treatment of contaminations of vagina, urinary tract, digestive system and different parts of the body brought on by anaerobic microorganisms (microscopic organisms that don’t utilize oxygen) or protozoa (one-celled critter or single-celled parasites). It is additionally used to keep these contaminations amid surgical methods.

How it functions

Ornidazole is an anti-microbial (hostile to microorganisms and against protozoal) drug having a place with the class of imidazole subsidiaries. It connects with DNA inside the microorganism to bring about protein blend restraint and cell demise.

Basic symptoms

Vertigo, Tremor, Drowsiness/languor, Allergic response e.g. tingling, Taste aggravations, Dizziness and tiredness, Feeling of deadness or shivering in hands or feet, Nausea and regurgitating, Headache, Diarrhea, Allergic responses of skin like redness, Fits

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