Allopurinol is utilized to treat gout (agony and swelling of the little joints because of raised levels of uric corrosive in the blood and consequent testimony in the joints) , kidney stones, and to abatement levels of uric corrosive in patients who are accepting malignancy treatment.

How it Work

Allopurinol has a place with a gathering of solutions called catalyst inhibitors (xanthine oxidase). It diminishes the measure of uric corrosive in the body by blocking one of the procedures that makes it.

Common Side Effects

Raised liver catalysts, Allergic skin rash, Stomach furious, Allergic response e.g. tingling, Abnormally high fever, Irritation of eye, Diarrhea, Sore throat, Dark hued pee, Painful pee, Weight misfortune, Lack or loss of voracity.

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